What Is Accepted As Payment For A Bond?

When issued a bond it will be your responsibility to either pay the bond in full or you will need to seek out a bondsman to sign off on your bond before you can be released from jail.  Those who work with Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds will typically require a ten percent down payment on your bond before you are released from jail.

When this happens, many different companies will accept different forms of payment for the bond.  Companies like Acme Bail Bonds Rancho Cucamonga have been known to take some of the following payments.  Make sure you know what is taken before choosing your own bondsman.


Cash is always going to be your best bet.  If you can come up with cash, the bondsman will typically move a little faster in getting your paperwork processed and you out of jail.  This doesn’t mean writing a check.  This means having physical cash in hand.


The next payment is with some type of property.  Depending on the size of the bond this can relate to some jewelry, computers or items that have real value.  The bondsman don’t really like to take property as a form of payment when it comes to bonds simply because they then have to go out and sell the items and get whatever they can towards the actual price.  This could also leave you responsible for coming up with more items or a combination of cash to meet the bond requirement.

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Own Recognizances or Personal Recognizances Bond

In some cases, you may not need a bondsman and the court will let you free on your own recognizance or your word that you will appear in court.  These bonds typically have a large dollar amount attached to them such as ten thousand dollars.  This amount will then be due if you fail to appear in court or follow any of the instructions given by the court.

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