What To Focus On In A Bathroom Remodel

There are many areas of the home that we may want to upgrade or remodel.  However, choosing just the right one to start with can be difficult and even daunting at times.  There are many ways to think about and approach these issues.  However, starting with the most used spaces first and working out from there is typically the best move.

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In most cases this will lead you to the bathroom or the kitchen.  Since the bathroom will typically be the fastest to complete, bathroom remodeling in harrisburg, pa should be your first choice.

Tub and shower

The first thing in a bathroom remodel that should be considered is the bathtub or shower.  Since this will be the largest area to work with it will take up the majority of the footprint in your remodel.  There are many different options that you can consider for your shower.  Do you want a stand up shower or do you want a shower tub combo or do you want to remove the shower all together?  Once you decide on this aspect a major decision will be made and the rest of the room can start to evolve around it.


The next item will be the toilet.  The toilet will need to go in a specific spot relative to the shower.  There are many different types and styles of toilets.  You can choose to have a tall toilet or a short one.  You can have one that conserves water and one that doesn’t.  After your toilet is chosen you will move on to the sink and vanity.

Sink and vanity

Finally, the sink and vanity are going to be the last major items that you will need to consider in your remodel.  The size of these will be determined by the space used by the shower and toilet and will then fill out the rest of the room.  From there, you can move on to tile, lighting and fixtures.  When completed, you will have a completely remodeled bathroom that fits your style and functionality.

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